Benchmarking Service

All of Source Group’s Benchmarking Services are provided via the cloud, with remote data upload. There is no local installation or developer requirement, nor ongoing maintenance required.


Source Group’s Data Quality Benchmarking service has been specifically designed to be easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge.


It has been designed and developed by our team of waiting list experts and data analysis consultants who have over 30 years’ collective NHS data experience.


Our team is led by experts in waiting list management and performance management who have worked specifically in managing NHS patient pathways throughout their careers. The team have recent experience delivering successful waiting list management solutions in over 100 NHS trusts.


Clear Compare


Clear Compare is a Trust level data quality benchmarking service and self-service business intelligence solution. Provided as a cloud service, it analyses data uploaded from a trust’s own PTL or referrals list.


Clear PTL provides full visibility of a Trust’s Data Quality Performance and compares this to a defined peer group of Trusts. This will allow trusts to rapidly assess their individual performance and manage data quality issues locally and in line with peers allowing Trust’s to optimally allocate operational and clinical resources to improve performance, maximise efficiency, minimise cost and optimise patient care.


Key Features Include:


Data Quality Benchmarking Service - Clear Compare provides specific data quality benchmarking comparisons to:

  • Help your trust detect areas of data quality that are below the peer average.

  • Identify trends across specialities to identify process or performance issues that are prevalent trust wide.

  • Support targeted remedial actions.

  • Provide Board Level assurance on the trust’s comparative Data Quality performance.

  • Highlight pathways that require further investigation, some of which may be immediately. removed, improving your waiting times performance.


Performance Indicators - Specific performance indicators enable you to:

  • Establish where your trust is in relation to a selected peer group, where data quality issues could lead to NHS regulator intervention.

  • Identify Key data quality indicators that are routinely being breached, and support identifying reasons for the breach.

  • Highlights DQ issues and which specialities that may require additional RTT Training and SOP support.

  • Allows trust to determine whether breaches are down to resource capacity or data quality.


Comprehensive Reporting - Clear Compare allows reports and queries to be run at all levels from high level management to patient level drill down and worklists to:

  • View Data Quality issues at a granular level to address and escalate as appropriate.

  • Create specialty-based reports to view patient details by cohort e.g. all non-admitted patients waiting in a specified time band, or all validated pathways requiring investigation by the specialties.


High level Dashboards – the provision of Speciality view and Data Quality indicator dashboard views allows senior trust members at a glance identify areas of interest and define and determine remedial action based on the benchmarked indicator.


By combining this data alongside trended data quality indicator measures trusts can evidence improvement driven by the implementation of remedial actions.


Regionally NHSE/NHSI can spot data quality trends quickly that could be as a result of clinical or operational practise or SOP that can be addressed quickly and on a regional basis.