Follow Up Waiting List Analysis


unnecessary outpatient attendances


your Follow Up waiting list 


clinician time and Trust spend is not wasted on unnecessary activity 


risk of clinical harm 


optimal patient care

Follow Up patients are potentially the cohort at greatest risk of clinical harm, for example, if the Follow Up date has been exceeded by a clinically relevant period of time. Also, unnecessary outpatient attendances are very common, leading to wasted clinician time and Trust spend. 

Source Group’s Follow Up Waiting List Analysis will:  


  • Stratify your Follow Up waiting list by clinical risk    

  • Highlight unnecessary outpatient attendances    

  • Identify patients that are lost to follow up

Report provided

within 24 hours  

No requirement to integrate with Trusts systems   


delivery model  

Model of delivery

Source Groups analysis methodology facilitates rapid delivery

and  minimises requirement for Trust staff intervention  

Our Experience

Delivered three national and multiple regional NHSE/I commissioned data quality programmes

First organisation to successfully deliver a live national PTL

Analysed over 200 million pathways spanning 137 Acute Trusts 

Validated over 3 million pathways across 75 Acute Trusts 

Provided RTT training to over 70 NHS Trusts

“I would highly recommend Source Group as a validation provider

and Clear PTL as a validation management tool”  


Tracey Sentance – Head of Operations - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust