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Incomplete PTL Validation 


waiting list size


elective care recovery


PTL accuracy


informed operational

decision making


sustainable improvement

From Source Group’s work delivering the NHSE/I commissioned 2020/21 national data quality programme, analysing 137 Trust’s PTLs for 10-months and validating 400,000 pathways, we discovered that the average Trust’s PTL is inflated by 15% with :          


  • Non-RTT pathways that are live but should not be on the Incomplete PTL          

  • Pathways that have been discharged but remain on the PTL        

  • Duplicates


These errors have a drastic impact on the Trust’s waiting list size and RTT performance. An inaccurate PTL also impacts demand and capacity modelling and operational decision making, jeopardising your ability to operationally manage your patients.   Due to the large volume of pathways which require review, Trusts sometimes require external support to validate the records in question. Source Group has developed best practice validation methodology to ensure a reduced waiting list size and a more  accurate PTL is achieved as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 

Guaranteed Volume of Validations Conducted


We maximise value by guaranteeing a set volume of validations for a fixed price. We also maximise the volume of PTL removals achieved by using our PTL Analysis and Clear PTL validation management solution to target the pathways that are the most likely to result in a PTL removal when validated.


The Highest Standard of Validation Accuracy


When validating pathways accuracy is paramount, as an incorrect clock stop could result in the patient coming to clinical harm. That’s why we apply rigorous quality assurance methods to ensure accuracy. Each project is closely monitored by both a project manager and a dedicated supervisor, conducting structured audits and ensuring quality. Audit results are shared with the Trust, providing you with visibility, assurance, confidence, and peace of mind that your patients are in the safest hands.


Sustainable Data Quality Improvements


We capture the outcomes and findings of every validation, providing key insights on your data quality issues. This supports root cause analysis and rectification preventing recurrence. This ensures the improvements to the accuracy of your PTL are maintained permanently.

Our Experience

Empowering the NHS since 1994

Source Group are the leading validation solutions provider to the NHS


Assurance that your patients are in the safest hands 

 Guaranteed outcomes within budget and to deadline

 Immediate impact, sustained improvements 

Best Practice Validation Methodology

Source Group conceived and utilises best practice validation methodology

Our Experience

Delivered three national and multiple regional NHSE/I commissioned data quality programmes

First organisation to successfully deliver a live national PTL

Analysed over 200 million pathways spanning 137 Acute Trusts 

Validated over 3 million pathways across 75 Acute Trusts 

Provided RTT training to over 70 NHS Trusts

“I would highly recommend Source Group as a validation provider

and Clear PTL as a validation management tool”  


Tracey Sentance – Head of Operations - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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