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NHS Recruitment

About us 

Source Recruit has been providing flexible recruitment solutions, business intelligence and information management specialists or outcome-based project teams to the NHS, healthcare and commercial markets for 25 years – placing the highest quality people who consistently deliver key projects, achieve successful and safe outcomes and help to improve performance.

Our approach is simple – we match candidates proven delivery experience to the individual needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and experience. We take the time to fully understand our client’s needs and objectives, only providing requirement-specific candidates to ensure outcomes are met and projects are delivered, each and every time.

Schedulers and Booking Officers

Source Recruit can provide an individual or a team of Schedulers and Booking Officers to your Trust, we have a selection of candidates who are available immediately at various different bands (Band 2 - 4) from our bank of highly experienced, skilled and vetted candidates.  All of our candidates are experienced in working in busy clinics including; Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, ENT and Audiology, Neurology, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Urology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedics and many more.


Cancer Pathway Trackers

Source Recruit can provide a team of experienced Cancer Pathway Trackers to your Trust. We have a selection of candidates who are available immediately. Our teams are proficient in the use of the following systems: EPR systems including GCIS, ICE Desktop, CRIS (Radiology information system), EDN, iPM, Endosoft HER, Medway Pas, Somerset Cancer Register, and Infoflex.

We undertake an in-depth vetting process and we conduct full candidate screening on all of our candidates current and previous career history. We also secure four verbal references from previous line managers on all our candidates. We only provide requirement-specific candidates to ensure outcomes are met and projects are delivered, and I have no hesitation in recommending any of our high calibre, hard-working, experienced, and committed individuals.

Source Recruit’s unique Technical Assessment Platform (iTAP) not only gives an accurate and auditable account of the candidate’s technical ability, it greatly improves the shortlisting process as each candidate put forward will have proven their technical ability to do the job. A full report detailing the technical assessment will be provided supporting the shortlist recommendation, saving you time and is all part of the service. Through access to some of the most experienced developers in the industry, iTAP is constantly evolving and kept up-to-date with emerging and changing technologies.​

Our services for candidates

We place high calibre, specialist interims and niche contractors into senior (NHS Band 8A and above) roles.

All our candidates conduct an in-depth vetting process and we:

  •  conduct full candidate screening on their current and previous career history

  • regularly meet with candidates – via Skype calls and face to face meetings - to build and maintain a relationship

  • secure four verbal references from previous line managers

  • conduct in depth interview preparation for both telephone and/or face to face interviews

Validation, RTT Training and Consultancy for Integrated Care

Returning to reporting with targeted RTT validation and consultancy

Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Services
Case Study

BICS established a dedicated in-house team to manage the ongoing validations of new pathways and recruited high calibre candidates from within the service.

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Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
Case Study

The efforts of the team deployed at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust alongside the cooperation of the Trust resulted in the Trust being able to start external reporting for the first time in over 6 months.

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Project outcomes recruitment

In response to recent changes to IR35 legislation, we can provide an alternative way for your organisation to procure the skills, tools and people you need to improve your delivery capability and performance. Our services can be procured as a managed service with fixed term contracts through Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 framework. Our managed service can help your organisation:


  • Avoid delayed or non-delivery of critical projects and programmes by keeping interims working where they’re most needed

  • Avoid a skills gap developing as interims and contractors with easily transferrable skills, or those not willing to accept full employment or PAYE taxation, simply move to the private sector

  • Avoid the limitations of NHS agency caps and issues around Agency Workers Regulations

  • Avoid the potential threat of legal challenges as all contractors have the legal right to challenge each public sector body as to why they were deemed inside IR35.


We have access to a vast range of candidates, from SQL Developers to RTT Data Validators, Operations Directors to Floorwalkers, all of whom will be vetted and prequalified by our in-house technical specialists prior to you even seeing their CV. We can also deliver flexible, outcome-based solutions and projects in the following areas: 

Business Intelligence

and Data Warehousing

Outcome-based resources include data analysis, data visualisation, performance reporting, statistical modelling and data cleansing.

Performance Analysis and Data

Outcome-based resources include data validation, performance management, data analysis, information analysis, data development and performance analysis.

Demand and Capacity Modelling

Outcome-based resources include statistical modelling, planning/scoping, project delivery planning and resource management, budget management and delivery management.


Outcome-based resources include business analysis, service management, product management, project management and agile delivery.

Software and Application Development

Outcome-based resources include web application development,

cloud-based service development, database development, front-end web application development, systems integration and SQL development.

Project Management and Delivery

Outcome-based resources include project planning/scoping, project delivery planning and resource management, budget management, delivery management, risk and issue management.

​Support and Operations

Outcome-based resources include training, operational management, service management, service desk, customer support, monitoring, systems administration and network administration.

Testing and Auditing

Outcome-based resources include data auditing, process auditing, software and system auditing, application testing and accessibility testing.

"… they’ve sourced several high calibre candidates at very reasonable cost."


We understand that in the current climate it is important that you work with a recruitment partner that will provide staff, quickly, efficiently, on time and within budget. We are in regular, direct contact with a very large number of technical candidates and are able to quickly and effectively validate and match your technology roles to the best candidates.

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