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Open Referrals Analysis


your patients are safe


cohorts at risk of clinical  harm


which patients require a  further activity 


the current status of  all patients 


unexpected waiting times  breaches

Lost Referrals present risk to the Trust as they could result in:      

  • Clinical harm occurring if the patient does not receive the treatment required      

  • Patient complaints if their care is compromised  or delayed      

  • Waiting times breaches, for example, 52-week ‘pop-ons’


As such, it is essential that Trusts have visibility of the true status of all Open Referrals.


Source Groups Open Referrals Analysis provides you with visibility of lost referrals ensuring your patients do not come to clinical harm due to loss of visibility of the referral.

Source Group's Open Referrals Analysis will identify

Lost referrals at risk

of clinical harm

Discharged referrals where the

referral requires closing

The analysis will cohort potential lost referrals by level of clinical risk to ensure patients at greatest risk of clinical harm can be addressed as a priority.


The Trust will be provided with a comprehensive report on the status of the Trust’s open referrals. Cohorts will be stratified according to clinical risk to ensure patients at greatest risk of clinical harm can be addressed as a priority. Record level information will be provided to the Trust according to these cohorts, so that immediate action can be taken on the records.       

Report provided

within 24 hours  

No requirement to integrate with Trusts systems   


delivery model  

Model of delivery

Source Groups analysis methodology facilitates rapid delivery and

minimises requirements for Trust staff intervention  

Our Experience

Delivered three national and multiple regional NHSE/I commissioned data quality programmes

First organisation to successfully deliver a live national PTL

Analysed over 200 million pathways spanning 137 Acute Trusts 

Validated over 3 million pathways across 75 Acute Trusts 

Provided RTT training to over 70 NHS Trusts

“I would highly recommend Source Group as a validation provider

and Clear PTL as a validation management tool”  


Tracey Sentance – Head of Operations - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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