TurnKey Validation

We know there are times when Trusts require external validation capacity to support their internal teams. Given that validating patient records can have profound impacts on patient care, it is essential that the validation provided is of the highest standard. That’s why all of our validation solutions are subject to rigorous quality assurance processes and offer absolute transparency, providing you with the peace of mind that your patients are in the safest of hands.

Our validation solutions are broadly categorised into three common areas of need.


unnecessary outpatient attendances


clinician time and Trust spend is not waisted on unnecessary activity 


risk of clinical harm 

Follow Up Waiting List Validation

Follow Up patients are potentially the cohort at greatest risk of clinical harm, for example, if the Follow Up date has been exceeded by a clinically relevant period of time. Also, unnecessary outpatient attendances are very common, leading to wasted clinician time and Trust spend. Through numerous programmes of work validating Follow Up waiting lists we identified that on average 18% of outpatient attendances are unnecessary and can be removed when validated. We also found that on average, 26% of patients are overdue their Follow Up by a clinically significant period of time. Removing the unnecessary outpatient attendances and identifying the patients overdue their follow up supports the Trust in prioritising activity to focus on the patients with pressing clinical need.

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Waiting List Size


informed operational decision making


elective care recovery


Incomplete PTL Validation

Source Group’s Incomplete PTL validation solution targets pathways that are the most likely to result in a PTL removal when validated, such as:          


  • Non-RTT pathways that are live but should not be on the Incomplete PTL          

  • Pathways that have been discharged but remain on the PTL          

  • Duplicates

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your patients are safe


cohorts at risk of clinical harm  


the current status of all patients


Open Referrals Validation 

Source Group’s open referrals validation solution assists in identifying Lost referrals where the patient requires an action that the Trust is unaware of and won’t be identified through the existing protocols. The validation exercise will close down inactive referrals and escalate lost referrals to the Trust for action.

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Selected supplier of 3 NHSE/I commissioned national data quality programmes

Validated over 3 million pathways across 75 Acute Trusts 

Analysed over 200 million pathways spanning 137 Acute Trusts 

Our Experience

Source Group are the leading validation solutions provider to the NHS

Assurance that your patients are in the safest hands 

 Guaranteed outcomes within budget and to deadline

 Immediate impact, sustained improvements 

Best Practice Validation Methodology

Source Group conceived and utilises best practice validation methodology

“I would highly recommend Source Group as a validation provider and

Clear PTL as a validation management tool”  


Tracey Sentence – Head of Operations - United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust