Waiting List Management Services

All of Source Group’s Waiting List Management Solutions are provided via the cloud, with remote data upload. There is no local installation or developer requirement, nor ongoing maintenance required.​

Source Group’s waiting list management solutions have been specifically designed to be easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge. They have been designed and developed by our team of waiting list experts and data analysis consultants who have over 30 years’ collective NHS data experience. Our team is led by experts in waiting list management and performance management who have worked specifically in managing NHS patient pathways throughout their careers. The team have up recent experience delivering successful waiting list management solutions in over 100 NHS trusts.


Clear PTL


Clear PTL provides full visibility of a Trust’s waiting lists. Allowing for identification of areas of need, monitoring and management of performance, as well as ascertaining potential bottlenecks in capacity, allowing Trust’s to optimally allocate operational and clinical resources to improve performance, maximise efficiency, minimise cost and optimise patient care.

Clear PTL is a complete patient pathway management and self-service business intelligence solution. Provided as a cloud service, it analyses data uploaded from a trust’s own PTL or referrals list.

Clear PTL is a cancer pathway management tool and self-service business intelligence solution. Compatible with both Somerset Cancer Register and InfoFlex CIMS, Cancer PTL provides full visibility of Trust’s cancer waiting lists, allowing you to maximise efficiency, minimising waiting times and assisting you in achieving the 2-week, 32-day and 62-day cancer waiting times targets.

Key Features Include:

Data Quality Management - Clear PTL provides specific data quality indicators to:

  • Help your trust detect groups of pathways requiring review and validation

  • Highlight pathways that require further investigation, some of which may be immediately removed, improving your waiting times performance.


Performance Indicators - Specific performance indicators enable you to:

  • Establish where your trust is in danger of missing, or are already missing, targets.

  • Identify breaches and potential breaches for action.

  • Determine whether breaches are down to resource capacity or data quality.

  • Predict whether month end targets will be achieved.

Comprehensive Reporting - Clear PTL allows reports and queries to be run at all levels from high level management to patient level drill down and worklists to:

  • View pathways by time bands/number of weeks waiting or by breach month.

  • Easily view pathways with outcomes that suggest a previous clock stop or adjustment needs to be applied.

  • Create specialty-based reports to view patient details by cohort e.g. all non-admitted patients waiting in a specified time band, or all validated pathways requiring investigation by the specialties.


Clear PTL - Validation Management is the complete waiting list validation management software tool. Clear PTL – Validation Management allows you to organise, monitor and performance manage validation, providing full visibility of validation outputs and assisting Trusts in maximising the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their validation teams.


Key Features Include:

  • Capture and record all validation outcomes

  • Create and manage work queues, outputs and monitor performance.

  • Recall historic data, if further validation of the pathway is required, avoiding duplication.

  • Track changes to pathway records

  • Identify and report on data quality and process issues, enabling targeted training

  • Audit functionality provides the means to quality assure the work undertaken by teams

  • Validation outcome reports to review data quality issues and drill down through specialties to individual validator and patient level detail.