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Our Purpose

We support the NHS in achieving and maintaining accurate waiting lists, maximising the NHS’s ability to provide the best possible patient care, empowering NHS staff and ensuring their tremendous effort and contribution to our NHS is not jeopardised by inaccurate data.

Our Value

Reducing instances of clinical harm

By finding ‘lost’ patients

Empowering informed operational decision making

By establishing accurate waiting lists 

Supporting prioritisation

By highlighting patients at risk

Freeing capacity, saving clinician time & Trust spend

By Identifying unnecessary attendances

Minimising waiting list size

By reducing waiting list inflation

Provide confidence, assurance and peace

of mind on the safety of your patients

Our Methodology


We identify patients that require the Trust’s attention, be these patients at potential risk of clinical harm, records that can be removed from the waiting list, or records that require a correction.


We validate the records identified utilising our Clear PTL validation management software, collecting information on all validation findings and outcomes to provide insights into the root causes of the data quality issues.


We use the intelligence provided through the validation activity to address the root cause issues so that they can be rectified, preventing recurrence and ensuring sustained improvements.

Our Experience

Empowering the NHS since 1994

Delivered three national and multiple regional NHSE/I commissioned data quality programmes

First organisation to successfully deliver a live national PTL

Analysed over 200 million pathways spanning 137 Acute Trusts 

Validated over 3 million pathways across 75 Acute Trusts 

Provided RTT training to over 70 NHS Trusts

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