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RTT Training

Incorrect management of RTT and patient flow could present clinical risk, lead to clinic slots being wasted, as well as have an impact on the accuracy of the Trust RTT and Non-RTT (Follow-up) waiting lists.


For example, an incorrect clock stop could cause a delay in a patient’s treatment, incorrectly outcoming a follow-up appointment could lead to a patient being booked for an appointment that is not required, and missing a clock stop could lead to inflation of the Trusts RTT waiting list size.


In order to appropriately administrate patient pathways, an excellent understanding of the Referral to Treatment consultant-led waiting times Rules Suite is essential. However, understanding RTT is insufficient, as the staff member must also be able to practically apply this knowledge in the context of the Trust’s systems, protocols and procedures. Source Group takes a holistic approach to RTT training, ensuring a strong foundation of RTT knowledge combined with practical application to patient pathway management.


Source Group provides a variety of RTT training solutions, which can be procured holistically or in isolation.
Learn RTT-Web-Based RTT Training 
Learn RTT is a cost-effective, rapid, and pragmatic method of ensuring large volumes of staff have a strong foundation of RTT knowledge relevant to their role
RTT Classroom training
Training delivered by a trainer as a session distinct from the trainee's working environment. Classroom training is a high-impact training methodology, allowing for a dialogue between the trainees and trainer so that they can discuss their specific areas of required understanding and allow for the exploration of specific and ambiguous scenarios. The classroom training also allows for the training to be tailored to the specific staff groups. It will also provide a forum for their sharing of ideas on the correct approach to RTT implementation. It also serves as a very useful information-gathering exercise in terms of current practice and existing knowledge, which can be amalgamated and fed back to the Trust.
Training is delivered within the trainee’s work environment, providing real-time training in the live environment. The aim of floorwalking is to ensure that RTT and patient flow principles are being applied practically in the live environment. In particular, how RTT is administered, being mindful of the Trust’s systems, in particular, PAS, as well as being mindful of the Trust’s local policies and implementation of RTT.


Provided RTT training to

over 70 NHS Trusts


Delivered RTT training as part of two national and multiple regional NHSE/I commissioned data quality programmes


The only CPD accredited provider of RTT training

Our RTT Training Experience

The leading supplier of RTT Training to the NHS

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