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Clear PTL 
Validation Management Software



We identify patients that require the Trust’s attention, be these patients at potential risk of clinical harm, records that can be removed from the waiting list, or records that require a correction.


We validate the records identified utilising our Clear PTL validation management software, collecting information on all validation findings and outcomes to provide insights into the root causes of the data quality issues.


We use the intelligence provided through the validation activity to address the root cause issues so that they can be rectified, preventing recurrence and ensuring sustained improvements.

Source Group’s Clear PTL validation management software facilitates our Identify, Rectify, Prevent methodology and is the cornerstone of our Turnkey Validation Solution


Clear PTL identifies pathways that require the Trust’s attention, for example, patients that should be removed from the RTT PTL, appointments of no or limited clinical value, as well as patients that require prioritisation or that could be at risk of clinical harm. This is achieved through use of both of a machine learning (AI) module and logically derived criteria.



Once the validation cohorts have been identified, Clear PTL supports the centralised management of the validation programme. All validations are allocated and recorded within Clear PTL, providing a permanent, auditable record of all validations undertaken so that they can be investigated and referenced at any point if required. Validations are recorded using a uniform, structured validation findings and outcomes form, maximising accuracy and allowing for intelligence to be captured so that it can be reported to the Trust.



The validation findings and outcomes information are collated to provide the Trust with actionable insights, identifying the root causes of the issues found so that they can be rectified, preventing recurrence and ensuring sustained improvements.


The number of NHS Trusts where Clear PTL has been utilised to support validation activities


Validations conducted using Clear PTL



Clear PTL used to perform RTT PTL analysis at 137 Trusts

“I would highly recommend Clear PTL as a waiting list management tool and Source Group as a validation provider”  

Tracey Sentance

 Head of Operations

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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