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Public satisfaction with NHS at lowest ever level.

Updated: May 8

Public satisfaction with NHS at lowest ever level, survey shows.


A patient satisfaction survey published in March 2024 shows the lowest patient satisfaction rate in the history of the NHS, with only 23% of patients saying they were satisfied with the NHS in 2023. This is a drastic drop from the 70% satisfaction rate in 2010.


The number one reason for patient satisfaction was “It takes too long to get a GP or hospital appointment”, with 71% stating they felt this was the case.

RTT waits being the longest they have ever been, with the national PTL being almost triple the size it was 10 years ago. There are almost 20 times as many patients waiting >18 weeks, and the volume of patients waiting >52 weeks has increased by 166,000%. Many Trusts also have 50% of their follow-up patients being overdue, often by more than a year. As such, the results of the patient satisfaction survey are hardly surprising.


We know that staff at Trusts nationally are making tremendous strides and are investing an enormous amount of effort and hard work to improve services. Source Group can help.


Source Group have supported Trusts in drastically reducing both RTT waiting lists, and Non-RTT (follow-up) waiting lists by identifying and removing appointments of no or limited clinical value. This drastically reduces demand, eases the pressure on your services, and makes it possible for you to see RTT patients and follow up patients much sooner. In many cases, we have reduced Trusts follow-up backlogs within services by 40%!


Please contact us if you would like further information, or a case study on how this was achieved.

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